How to set up Google My Business

What is Google My Business

Google My Business is a tool or service that manages the online presence of your business or organization through Google. A Google search for a business name reveals a variety of information, including business location, photos, and addresses in a box on the right side of the PC and at the top of the mobile phone. This makes it easy to find any business on the Google search results page and on Google Maps.

If you search by typing a service or business category, the search results show the names and some information about the three businesses along with the map.

Knowledge Graph or One Box Result

When searching by typing the name of a business, a box on the right side of the computer, and on the top of the mobile displays some information related to that business separately, it is called Knowledge Graph or One Box Result.

Google Three Pack or Local Pack

When you type a local keyword and do a Google search, you will see a section called Google Three Pack or Local Pack.

Why Google My Business is Important for Business

Most people search Google for local business information. A large portion of those who search visit business locations. Most of the people who search for local businesses buy products or services. This is the most important thing. Most small and medium businesses depend on local customers.

This can be used to show different important information together. Information such as business name, service, address, contact, map, business hour, etc. can be shown together. This allows the client to easily get information about the business and contact if needed.

Business location can be seen on Google Maps through this Page Verification and anyone can easily reach the business location.

How to Promote Your Business through Google My Business

  • If you have this profile, Google’s local search will show your business better and enrich your business’s local search results. More and more reviews take your business to the top of the local search. Mention your Google business reviews on other high authority websites including this tool, Facebook, Yelp, etc.

A Google search with your brand name first shows your brand profile and then displays organic results, which strengthens your brand.

Users can write reviews on this profile. This review helps other customers decide whether or not to purchase a product or service from you. You can increase customer satisfaction a little more by answering reviews.

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